Association de danse & musique brésilienne

Code of Conduct*

* Developed by the Safe Space group in Lyon for the Care Team Lausanne

Dancers, volunteers, instructors, musicians, DJs, amateurs or experienced individuals,

We all work to make the dance community a place where everyone can feel respected and safe. The well-being of every person attending the Forro Lausanne festival is our priority.

We wish for the values of inclusivity and consent to be well understood, apprehended, and respected. These fundamental values require the respect of everyone’s physical and moral integrity, and no inappropriate behaviour or speech, or harassment will be tolerated. Consequently, any inappropriate behaviour or any actions that might endanger someone’s physical or moral integrity may, following discussion or alert, be subject to sanctions up to exclusion from the festival.

You have the right to have your consent, bodily and psychological autonomy, and boundaries respected. You have the right to say no and demand that your refusal be heard and accepted.

While participating in the festival, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • If I am an organiser, volunteer, instructor, musician, or DJ, I am aware of the status bestowed upon me, which potentially alters the ability of my interlocutor to consent, and I therefore refrain from any flirting or using my status to gain unnecessary favours or privileges.
  • I mind my words and actions, showing respect towards ALL participants (including students and instructors).
  • Discriminatory behaviour or remarks concerning gender identities, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, body, social class, etc, actual or presumed, are not tolerated.
  • I am aware, respect and accept that dance roles are not determined by someone’s gender.
  • I make sure to obtain explicit consent from my dance partner before any physical contact, lift, or advanced move.
  • I respect everyone’s (including my own) physical and moral integrity by:

Indicating if a move or position hurts or is uncomfortable,
Respecting if my dance partner does not want to dance close-hold, do a move or a lift,
Limiting physical contact to the areas necessary for dancing, ensuring particularly not to kiss any part of my partner’s body (including the cheek and hand) without their explicit consent,
Only giving advice, feedback or criticisms on my partner’s dance if asked or if, after asking, prior agreement is given (including in class, where my instructor is the best person to teach and give collective and individual feedback).

  • At any time, I can withdraw my consent without needing to justify myself or provide a reason, particularly:

I can refuse a dance,
If I feel uncomfortable or for any other reason, I can stop dancing, even in the middle of a dance.

  • I am mindful of the dance space of my partner as well as the space of others around us.
  • I participate in the festival in either a sober state or being moderate with my consumption,  promoting a healthy learning and entertainment environment.
  • In case of inappropriate or abusive behaviour:

If I witness it, I can offer my help and direct the person (if I feel comfortable) to a reference person**, and/or discuss it directly and as soon as possible with a reference person**, who can assess the situation and take appropriate measures;
If I experience inappropriate or abusive behaviour, I can talk to a reference person** or tell someone who will inform them if I am not comfortable with the situation.

In the case I might not know whether a behaviour is inappropriate or abusive, but feel uncomfortable for various reasons, if I have doubts, or any remarks or questions, I can talk to a reference person** of the Care Team.

The reference persons** capable of collecting your testimonies are identified on the posters visible at the event locations and are wearing bright blue armbands. You can also ask the reception staff to redirect you to them. They can be interrupted when their armband is lit up, and will listen to you. Alternatively, you can report behaviour by sending an email to [email protected], or by leaving a note (which can remain anonymous) in the box provided for this purpose at the venue or in the online feedback form.

The reference persons** remain available and willing to find and implement appropriate solutions to any arising situations, respecting the wishes of the victims.

**The reference persons are the members of the Care Team of the festival (recognizable with a bright blue arm-band) and organisers of the festival.

By participating in the Forro Lausanne festival, you agree to respect this code of conduct. The Care Team remains present to listen to you, support you, and take action if necessary.